Studio 505 is now the {meetinghouse}.co


the meeting house

The meetinghouse as seen from Google Maps

PrintLocated at 1124 State Street, Utica NY, on the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute campus, the {meetinghouse} is a creative collaborative founded by Cindy Buckley Koren, associate professor of communications design at PrattMWP the upstate campus of Pratt Institute.

After establishing a career in traditional editorial and advertising design Cindy switched focus to pursue her passion for cultivating young creative talent and inspiring positive social change.

The {meetinghouse} serves as an arts-based social enterprise designed to inspire economic opportunities in Central NY by fostering innovative collaborations between creative, cultural and educational institutions. Its initial purpose is to create positive social change by connecting social entrepreneurs with creative resources.

To see some details on some of our recent projects click here. Collaborators, sponsors, and project ideas are always welcome. Please contact us for more information about joining our creative team.

office enter

fireplaceletterpressletterpress with boxcar base

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