Ryan Aumiller—too good for this world.

Ryan W. Aumiller
June 14, 1966 – March 9, 2012

full obituary and service info [HERE]

Aumiller Love

Trip to the Sun –  To Listen on Cloud click [HERE]
Words & Music by Ryan Aumiller
Copyright 2011 – All rights reserved

Lying on the grass
The stars look heavenly tonight
And you’re so beautiful
Holding onto me so tight

We knew this day would come
My journey started long ago
Decades in the past
Long before you and I were one

Time to kiss my wife and my daughter
And remind her all of those things that I’ve taught her
The final countdown has begun…

For my trip the Sun


Thinking about the past
This precious life that I have made
We’ve gotta make these moments last
Before our memories start to fade

And I’ve tried to do my best
To share my life and love with you
God knows how I’ve been blessed
How can there be something, better than this?

synth solo – bridge

Lying on the grass
The stars look heavenly tonight


full obituary and service info [HERE]

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  1. I will miss you dear friend.
    You were too good for this world.
    Until—we meet again.
    ❤ 🙂 ❤ 😉 ❤

  2. Phil

    Too good for this world, couldn’t have said it any better. We are all better for having known him, he truly was an inspiration.

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  4. Donna

    Thank you sooooo much for honoring Ryan with this beautiful page- I can’t stop myself from crying as I look at all we have lost, just one more day, one more hug, smile, joke- who am I kidding, one more day would never be enough:( My one true love<3

    • Donna — I’m not done — Ryan has left so much behind and I’ve committed to sharing his legacy through story, design, music, technology and community. My heart bleeds for you and Danielle. I’ll be in touch. [[[[hugs]]]]

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  9. Knew him when he was a little kid who lived across the street. Went fishing with him.

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